If you are a user wanting to set up your router to LAN-network or just to monitor the connection of the device the most well-known IP address for you is Some manufacturers of broadband routers (for example Netgear, D-Link) even use it like default one. With the help of you can access router setting page not being an administrator.

Everything you need is to enter into your browser’s input line. That’s all. Now you can configure the default gateway into administrative console. Nothing complicated, isn’t it?

As you can know, routers are the most necessary devices of each home network. To join the independent networks, you should have broadband ones. They are connecting networks to Internet and help them to provide data transmission between two home networks. As we say, some well-known brands have chosen as default IP for your facilities.

The main feature of proposed IP-address is its capacity to work equally with each of networks. Every address can work unparalleled even if they belong to the same network. It is pleasing also that computer or laptop of any configuration can use it seamlessly. But we should warn you: in spite of its advantages can cause a customer’s conflict in contradistinction to other private IP-addresses. There is no reason to reject it at all, just remember a simple but compulsory rule: one IP to one customer. Don’t assign it to two or more different devices simultaneously.

Now let’s talk about advantages that IP 192.168.O.1 provide us with

  • The most obvious and main feature of this IP-address is its privacy. You can use it equally with your relatives or friends within one network at the same time. And there is no risk of any conflict. Perfect, isn’t it?
  • Furthermore, you have no need to use separate DHCP servers or additional switches. If you’ve got different tasks for your router, it will work smartly.
  • You can operate your router’s function using Large amount of information can be transmitted easier and faster. Also you can use this IP-address as a default gateway. In such a case it will be responsible for your data’s destination after it processing and analysis.

Probable troubles of configuration

As we say earlier the only one real trouble that you can face with using 192.168.o.1 is a customer’s conflict. Failures can take place because of simultaneously using this private IP address by two users. To avoid this problem just keep assigned to one of their account.

In the case of network’s malfunction check this address at first. Rarely, but 192.168.o.1 can cause a failure of clearly running network.

Summing up, we can say that with the help of IP-address 192.168.o.1 you can fix widespread problems correcting your current modem configuration and changing LAN setup. And especially it’s easy to edit your own username and password or customize settings of security.

And if you are under hacking attack you need to check it at first.