It’s looks like you want to get to your modem or Wi-Fi router settings using its IP-address – but enter was failed. Don’t hasten to close the page. Just spend a couple of minutes and read an instruction below. Doubtless it will be easy and quickly to solve the problem with your access to ADSL-modem’s, Wi-Fi router’s or optical GPON terminal’s configuration. Problems with accessing IP-address can be different, ones are caused by modem itself, others by browser settings. So let’s talk about the most common situations. Be patient and keep calm.

Checking of router’s connection

At first, you need to check if everything is connected correctly, thus follow the instructions to make sure:

  • Router must be connected to the plug and be turned on with the «power» button. If everything is correct, the «Power» indicator will light on.
  • Router connects with computer using a network cable. Check if this is done correctly and pay attention to the state of the cable – maybe it is damaged, kinked, it has fractures or cuts, in this case you must replace it. To be sure if a problem is in the cable, connect router to the system using another cable.
  • One of the router’s LAN indicators have to be lighted up, usually it is green light. It may light continuously or blink frequently.
  • Connection has to be recognized by the computer. («Desktop → Network connection →Data control centre» you can also check this using notification centre, it is places on the right.

Wrong choice of LAN-port at the device

You should check a connection of the network cable also – probably it is done wrong. Make sure that you use the «LAN» port, not the «Internet» port – in this case nothing will work.


Some routers have two and more LAN ports but some of them might be used for interactive TV (IPTV), so they cannot be used for our purpose. Try to remember if you were told about which port exactly (LAN1, LAN2, etc.) is applied for TV. If you don’t remember, just try to connect to every port and logging in with IP into router’s settings. While doing this, pay attention to the indicators, if they are not changing lights or don’t light at all, most likely you have problems with router itself. So, you should put it into service for repairing.

Modem or router’s operation failures

Sometimes routers stop working when the capacity is too high, or because of many different errors in the outer network. So, you can unplug the router from the electricity, wait for five minutes and then turn it on again. Now check once more if you can access the router’s settings.

If nothing has changed and you still have no access, try to reload the router. It has little «Reset» button on it, by pressing it you will return your devise to the standard configuration. To press this little button use something thin and sharp, for example, pin. You have to hold the button for 20 seconds for its resetting. After that the router will be reloaded and returned to the basic settings.

Reset button

This method will work in the case if router was already used by someone before you, because the configuration depends on provider. Also many errors could accrue while doing set up, which now causes the problems with internet access.

Another router’s IP-address

Most of the firms like ASUS, Lyncsys, Qtech, Sagemcom use the standard address. But ZTE and Huawei usually set the last IP-address from the range – It is not a problem, regardless of IP-address there will not be any problems with work of the router. You just have to find the IP-address which sets for your router.

How to find out your IP-address?

There are plenty of different IP-addresses and to find yours one, you have to turn the router upside down and on the bottom of it you will find a sticker with IP-address on it.

Default Access

Also in the end of this article you can find the list of most popular router models and their IP-addresses.

An authorization (login and password to access the

In order to access the router’s settings page, do following steps:

  • Open any browser (it is often recommended to use IE – Internet Explorer, and also Google Chrome, but other browsers are good as well, so you can use any browser you like).
  • In the searching line enter the IP-address: That’s important – you don’t have to add «www» before or after IP, this is incorrect, you only need the IP-address’s number itself. After entering press «enter» button.
  • Now you have to get to the authorization page. In order to do that you need to enter the login and password. Don’t be afraid if you most likely not know them, it is totally okay. When you log in for the first time, you have to use standard «admin» as login and «admin» as password. If this does not work, look again on the sticker at the bottom of the router, perhaps, the manufacturer of your router sets another data for logging in. In the end of this article you will find standard passwords for different companies. After logging in you will be asked for changing password (because of security). Write it down immediately! If you will forget the password, you will have to reset the router and set it up again, and this will be a big trouble once again.
  • If you did not manage to open settings with knowing standard login and password or you suppose the password might has been changed before you, try using «reset» button as we described in the previous point. It might help.

What should you do if you can’t access

In case you can’t get to the authorization page, check thoroughly the IP-address you’ve entered. Probably you’ve entered letter «I» instead of «1» (like or you have missed a dot where it should have been ( like 192168.01) or you’ve added an extra digit ( like 192.1680.11) etc. These are common mistakes, so do not ignore this point. Also you need to check login and password.

Setting of IP-address using Control panel

  1. Open the «Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network the Sharing Center»Control Panel
  2. You will see the window «Change adapter setting», click on it. Page «Network connections» will occur. Here you can see a list of all the connections for your PC.Change adapter setting
  3. Now you have to open the point «Status → Details…». Everything is correct if «IPv4-address’s» designated range is – And «IPv4 DHCP» or «IPv4 DNS» servers are appointed DetailsIf your PC receive IP-address from the network starting with the number «169.254.x.x» this is incorrect and you have to fix it. Next paragraph tells you how to do this.
  4. Get back to the «Network connection». Now you have to find the necessary connection of the router, then open its context menu and choose «Properties». Now you have to choose «Internet 4 protocol version (TCP/IPv4)» and open the item with states. Settings of the IP-address will be chosen automatically. It is done to make the connection of the PC to the network easier. It happens in such a way: if there is DCHP-server in the network, it gives all the data to the system. In the case DHCP-server is disabled (for example, it’s turned off) system cannot get the data it needs. By default, network adapter assigned with address 169… (we have told about it previously). So you have to enter all the data by yourself. Click on «Use the following IP-address», and also «Use the following addresses of DNS-servers» and reenter the following data:


«Subnet mask»:

«Default gateway»: (it is the address of the router, you have searched for it on the sticker earlier, also you can find a list of the most common mistakes in the end of the article).

«Preferred DNS-server»:

Network connection

After that you have to save everything (press OK) and try to access the settings of the router once more. Most likely this will help you to solve your problem.

Problems which are caused by proxy

Are the page with router’s settings still unavailable? Probably the problem is caused by proxy. In a simple language, it means that all the requests will be sent not to the router but to the server. That’s why it doesn’t work: you don’t have server, of course.

You can check it with the following method: open the browser, open its settings where you can find «Proxy parameters». Now you have to open «Connections», then «LAN settings». You should make sure that using of proxy-server is not marked.


If there is written any proxy, this is incorrect, because regular home modems have nothing like that, so it would not work.

Problems caused by internet browser

We must also consider the fact that probably you can’t access the settings because of browser. For example, cookies are saved incorrectly. In this case, you have to try use another browser. Luckily, we have plenty of them, so you can choose any browser you like. Here are just some of them:

  • IE (Internet Explorer).
  • Google Chrome.
  • Opera.
  • Mozilla Firefox.

internet browser

You can try to access the settings page using the incognito mode in browser (it can be called «private» as well). The name depends on the browser. The point is it doesn’t use cookies so you may also use some kind of plugin for Google Chrome. While you are using this mode cookie-files cannot be saved or received.

Special address for setting

Some users set special router address which consists of letters for setting (hostname instead of IP-address). This can be seen on new models of routers. Perhaps this is your situation. Check once more time the sticker at the bottom of the router. It can look like «Address for setting». So, when manufacturer sets such address it is impossible to access using IP-address, but you can easily do it using this address. At the end of this article you can find the list of the most popular of the router’s hostnames.

If nothing from the list below helps, you can try calling into the technical support of your provider, perhaps they can help you somehow. Often consultants on the phone help with setting by saying sequence of actions, they can know peculiar properties of specific router or computer. The call is often free, so this is a fine solution.

In case it doesn’t help you too, we came to the most unpleasant version: most likely your router has burned or broken. It is sad, but now you should either take it to the diagnostics or buy a new one.

Although the article is pretty much big and we hope that you have read it all. The information we provided can helps you a lot. Now you are able to set up your router. It is always useful to learn something new and helpful because of great developing of the technical progress. It is very important to be in touch with the latest trends. Once you have understood whole system, it is going to be easier to understand another similar process and you can help other people fix their problems also. Good luck with that!

List of the router models and their IP-addresses:

  • Airties:
  • Certain models of Huawei:
  • Starlan:, also
  • Upvel и TrendNet:
  • TTNet:

List of the manufacturers of the routers and variations of password for them:

  • CNET – epicrouter.
  • Acorp – Admin.
  • D-Link – without password (leave the empty field).
  • ZTE – ZXDSL.
  • Zyxel – 1234.

Also, try to use standard variants (not depending on manufacturer):

  • admin (NO capital letters).
  • user.
  • administrator.
  • password.
  • support.

List of the hostnames of different manufacturers:

  • ASUS – has no hostname.
  • Zyxel Keenetic – my.keenetic.net.
  • Netgear – routerlogin.net.
  • D-Link – has no hostname.